Tran Quoc Pagoda  
Cha Trấn Quốc  
 Known as:        
 Description:   It was constructed in541 and completed in 545 under the reign of King Ly Nam De. At that time, it was called as Khai Quoc Pagoda (Khai Quoc means National Founder). It was first built on the bank of the Red River. When the river bank crumbled after more than 150 years, it was moved to the Kim Ngu (Golden Fish) Islet in the early 17th century, under the reign of King Le Kinh Tong. Since then, its name changed into Tran Quoc (National Defense).  
 Province   Hanoi  Direction:      
 District   Ty Hồ    
 City   Trc Bạch  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Temple      Related links:   https://vietnamdisco  
 Best exposure   Morning          
 Opening time   N/A          
 Entry fee   N/A     GPS :   21.04785, 105.83673  
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Tran Quoc Pagoda  xx

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