Thang Long Water Puppet  
Nhà Hát Múa Rối Thăng Long  
 Known as:        
 Description:   In 1969, the theater was established and since 1990; many water puppet shows have been performed by Thang Long theater artists.Every year, about 500 shows are offered to approximately 150,000 audiences. Moreover, the theater has brought water puppetry art to more then 40 foreign countries like Japan, France, America, Australia, Spain… through performance tours, or international cultural exchange program or puppetry festivals.
Traditional content of water puppet performance like daily life of Vietnamese farmers (cultivating, tending buffalo, catching fishes…), communal entertainment (swimming contest, dragon dancing…), or historical legends (Le Loi returns precious sword…), with modest performance way have appealed audiences for centuries. However, the artists of Thang Long Water Puppet Theater want to renew the old puppet shows with effect of light, music and combination between people and puppets.
 Province   Hanoi  Direction:      
 District   Hoàn Kiếm    
 City   Hàng Bạc  Comments:    Official Web:   Link to Official web site  
 Genre   Leisure      Related links:   https://www.vietnamo  
 Best exposure   Afternoon            
 Opening time   N/A          
 Entry fee   N/A     GPS :   21.03174, 105.85334  
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Thang Long Water Puppet  xx

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