Dong Xuan Market  
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 Description:   Nestled in downtown Hanoi, this is the largest wholesale market in the North with an area of 6,500 m2, as well as the gathering place of a multitude of business items to serve the life of the capital's netizens and supply sources for traders.
The market was built in the 1889s with a blend of both ancient and modern French architecture style. The market has since become a famous attraction for traders in the old days and tourists in the modern time. The place is not only a busy trade center for daily necessity, but also a witness to the national defense history of Vietnamese soldiers, and a pride of Hanoi residents.
The forerunner of Dong Xuan Market was Bach Ma Market and Cau Dong Market - the two ancient markets of Thang Long Citadel. After the French authority ordered the abolition of all small markets to form a new large market in the purpose of facilitating the purchase and exchange of goods, Dong Xuan Market was born in 1889. Thanks to its riverside location - where boats operated busily all day and night, the market quickly became the biggest trade center in the capital.
In 1947, the market was heavily influenced by the fierce war of the Hanoi's soldiers and people in the early days of the resistance war. Then, a big fire occurring in 1994 caused great damage in the market. Therefore, a year later, Dong Xuan Market was rebuilt with a total area of three floors of nearly 14,000 m2 with more than 2,000 stores.
Over 100 years associated with important historical milestones of the country, Dong Xuan Market is a place containing all the material and spiritual values of Hanoi and has become an inseparable symbol of the capital.
Based on French architecture, Dong Xuan Market possesses a beautiful and modern dome design, while the facade includes 3 triangular-shaped parts (formerly 5 parts) with holes like a honeycomb, creating a strong impression on visitors right from the first sight.
 Province   Hanoi  Direction:      
 District   Hoàn Kiếm    
 City   Đồng Xuân  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Market      Related links:   https://www.vietnamo  
 Best exposure   Afternoon          
 Opening time   N/A          
 Entry fee   N/A     GPS :   21.03791, 105.84964  
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