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Kitanomaru park  
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 Description:   Immediately north of the Imperial Palace moat is a central, almost secret woodland park called Kitanomaru Park. Steps from the hustle and hoardes of people walking and running around the moat, this park is a little oasis where you can stroll, sit, and feel like you are almost in the countryside. While the park is relatively compact, itís also big enough that everyone can do his or her own thing.
The open lawn and pond area marks the heart of the park. This is where the neighborhood dog owners congregate, couples picnic, photographers capture natural scenery, and random musicians sometimes play. Surrounding this open space are winding networks of little woodland paths lined by trees. Stray off the paved paths, particularly up to the western ridge, to find a babbling brook, a little waterfall, stepping stones, and a view down to rowing boats in the Chidorigafuchi Park moat below. In the right season, the park boasts some of the best cherry blossoms and fall foliage in the city center.
 Province   Tokyo  Direction:      
 District   Chiyoda    
 City   Kitanomarukōen  Comments:    Official Web:    
 Genre   Park-Garden      Related links:       
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 Opening time   N/A          
 Entry fee   N/A     GPS :   35.69192, 139.75057  
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